Client Partnership - How we work

At their invitation, we diagnose client business needs in close consultation, in a mode of appreciative inquiry.

Client diagnostic results are reported using our unique consulting model as a framework.

  • Clients are presented with a clear picture of 'organisational reality' – the status of their diversity-related performance and its relationship to their business goals.

  • Performance is reviewed and fed back through the model's prisms of leadership influence, inclusive environment, and business impact.

  • Clients benefit from feedback on performance at multiple levels:

  • overview of key successes and opportunities for business growth

  • specific ideas to strengthen results wherever performance can be improved

  • suggestions for sustaining progress and maintaining momentum.

From there, our services are fully flexible, dovetailed to organisational readiness and culture as needed. The Embankment approach to our consultancy partners is client-friendly, offering a mix of support, solutions and signposting that reflect progress across an organisation.

Below are some examples of the diverse audiences with whom we work.

Boards, Executive Committees and senior strategic decision-makers

In our specialist experience over almost fifteen years, we have learned that it can be a tough challenge for leaders to assume collective responsibility for organisational strategy on diversity. We facilitate strong, self-aware leadership from the outset, through sharing practical knowhow in leading diversity as a critical business issue for the future.

Senior Leaders or Champions for diversity

We provide 1:1 support for top executives and senior managers responsible for or involved in diversity across their organisations who want to develop their own personal competence and strategic vision.  We also work with leadership teams and management groups, who can benefit from an external perspective on leadership and strategic organisation-wide diversity development across all types of business.

In-house experts in CSR, OD, HR and employee engagement

Our professional development advice and support includes cross-functional learning and translation of key principles from these disciplines into the diversity arena.

Specialist Diversity Professionals

We support excellence in practice and professional growth among specialist advisers, with a range of learning pathways for people new to diversity as a field and existing diversity specialists making a step up on advancement to higher levels of responsibility.


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