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Shine is a flexible, adaptive learning approach for specialist diversity and inclusion professionals.

These dedicated permanent roles are now commonplace within corporate and other global organisations. But we know from experience that people often arrive in these roles direct from the line, or are multi-hatted in related fields like organisational development, employee relations, CSR, consulting, change management, learning and development, HR or project management, perhaps with only limited expertise in diversity management as a specialist field of professional practice.

Research we have helped to conduct shows this can often cause a great deal of stress and isolation for those in the role expected to perform quickly against high expectations. It can delay organisational progress and results, where professionals are climbing a steep learning curve without proper support.

Shine allows specialist diversity and other relevant professionals direct access to years of expertise from experienced operators across all sectors, who have first-hand knowledge of these in-house roles at senior levels and understand exactly what it’s like.

The Shine co-coaching and mentoring approach is exclusive to Embankment, delivered to help diversity professionals shine through excellent theoretical knowledge and practices.

  • 10 formal 1:1 sessions (1 hour) take place with a matched professional of guaranteed 5+ years experience, including in in-house roles

  • "Just in time" telephone support for problem-solving between sessions if needed

  • Client control over scheduling of learning sessions, to meet evolving development
    needs – weekly/monthly or more/less frequently over time, as professionals grow and their requirements and experiences change

  • On-site support available at any UK location (travel outside central London is

  • Confidential, non-judgemental advice based on real knowledge and expertise about
    ‘what works’.

  • Ongoing support from Fresh Thinking Seminar Series, accessible to anyone who just wants to refresh their professional perspective through occasional professional development events and networking.

  • Free membership of DiversityProfessionals.Net, an online knowledge exchange with latest in research, news and events relevant to specialist professionals.


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