"I just wanted to follow up to thank you for all the help you have given us to date.  I'm delighted with the huge strides we've made this year, none of which would have been possible without you - not just the practical work that you have partnered with us on, such as the Gender Insight Series, but also your ongoing support, advice and guidance over the last 5 years.  I'm hugely grateful to you for your constant encouragement (which must sometimes feel like it's against all odds!) and expertise.  It's so reassuring to know that I can come to you for no-nonsense, practical guidance and inspiration.  So, many many thanks.  Lunch is on me next time you're in the City!"

A global investment bank

"I particularly value Melanie’s ability to contribute at the strategic level, and then to develop this into practical user-friendly solutions which are tailored to the needs and culture of the organisation.Her deep expertise in the diversity field combined with her ability to engage with people at all levels makes her a truly effective contributor. For example, the work that Melanie carried out with our senior leaders has led to some highly insightful observations about the company culture.

I consider Melanie to be both an authority and an inspiration in the advancement of the diversity agenda."

An HR expert responsible for UK diversity activity in a global private sector business.

"Based on the evaluation and my verbal communications with some of the attendees I think you both did an excellent job. '

Floyd Millen, former Head of Policy and Communications ,  Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion, www.cesi.org.uk . (In partnership with Delia Edwards, pro-bono workshop on employer/demand side diversity approaches for those working in employability.)

"Embankment lead consultant Melanie Allison has and continues to be a valued contributor to our equalities and diversity work.

She brings extensive experience, in particular at a strategic level.  This is however balanced by the ability to synergize this with relevant applied initiatives.  She has the capacity to quickly grasp the distinct issues for organisations and to innovative.  She communicates with professional authority and empathy in the context of being solution oriented underpinned by careful analysis of problems and barriers.

Her relationship building and sustaining skills are of a high standard and she has the ability to successfully interact and engage with a wide range of stakeholders from very varying backgrounds and operating environments.  This has been evident on a number of occasions including in the context of her briefing to the Deputy Minister of Micronesia."

A global public sector cultural relations organisation

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