Construction News reporting on the 2011publication for EHRC of Equality and diversity: good practice for the construction sector

Construction firms’ commitment to workplace diversity could become a key factor in winning work, a new report suggests

7 July, 2011

The study, produced in association with the UK Contractors Group, says that while there are examples of progress in diversity in construction, improving performance could lead to competitive advantage and better business results.

The authors, consulting firm Katalytik and Embankment Consulting, showed equality and diversity training could cost companies £150 per employee - meaning anything from £7,500 for 50-people strong firms or well into the millions for the industry’s biggest players.

However, the report says that firms investing in diversity strategies could reap benefits. “Contractors who evidence their commitment to tackling equality and diversity stand to compete more effectively for public sector contract opportunities,” it says.

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Industry urged to act now on diversity

The construction industry is doing too little to ensure equality for older staff, female workers and ethnic minority employees, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has warned.

 In research published last week, it also said firms take “a very narrow view” on disability.

The report, Equality and diversity: good practice for the construction sector, warns that companies not only risk breaking equality laws but are missing out on a competitive advantage.

There are “green shoots” of progress but much more must be done to address diversity, it says.

The report, published by the commission and produced by Katalytik in association with Embankment and the UK Contractors Group, says the industry needs to get better at sharing best practice.

The EHRC report promotes a “framework for action”, with themes such as making information and guidance easily available, workplace culture and practices, and showing the value of equality and diversity through monitoring and costing actions.

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New panel to improve diversity of construction

CITB ConstructionSkills has taken over the leadership of a panel to increase the industry’s employment of women, disabled people and those from ethnic minorities

The Construction Leadership Diversity Forum, set up in 2010 by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), is now led by ConstructionSkills and renamed the Construction Industry Leadership Forum for Fairness, Inclusion and Respect.

The original panel, the Construction Leadership Diversity Forum, was set up following the EHRC’s “Race and the Construction Industry” inquiry in 2009, which found people from ethnic minorities were under represented in construction. The EHRC also produced another report, “Equality & Diversity – Good Practice for the Construction Sector”, which found construction companies needed to do more improve the diversity of the industry.One of the group’s priorities is to improve the retention of skilled female employees and those from ethnic minority groups. It will also produce examples of good practice for the industry.

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