Sustainability - how diversity fits into the bigger picture

Sustainability is the global context for Embankment's ethos and consulting approach

Internationally, it is well-recognised and documented  that consideration of workplace diversity and inclusion issues is intrinsically interlinked with wider global issues of mobility, social cohesion, human rights and sustainability.

With so much global focus on sustainability strategy and the overriding urgency to defend the Earth's environment, the human factors of the workplace within this landscape can often be overlooked.

At Embankment we work to engage with our clients in joining up these obvious strategic dots.

Expert analysis clearly identifes how these concerns inter-relate.

"There exists an obvious relationship between the diversity of natural systems (biodiversity) and the diversity, health and sustainability of human systems - cultural, social and economic. Social and economic capital is ultimately created from natural capital, and its protection should be recognised as a fundamental principle of sustainable development.

Whilst sustainable development also promotes interdependence and a sense of world citizenship, social and cultural diversity need not be a source of conflict. Rather, recognising the importance of diversity can help to focus on humanity's capacity to work together to meet the enormous environmental and social challenges facing it."

Embankment's ethos has always been about building capacity for our clients to progress at their own pace, unaided. We achieve this through the co-design and co-delivery of a sustainable diversity and inclusion strategy that yields results for our clients consistently over time, and is globally replicable.

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